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Over 100% Faster and over 30% Smaller Size than competitor!
The newest Li-ion cordless Rivet Gun On The World!

The MaxRIVET – The MAX16 Li-ion cordless battery powered riveter is ideal for off-line and outdoor riveting applications where compressed air is not available. The High Performance Heracles rivet gun can set blind rivets up to 5,0 mm in all materials High Speed Setting. Overmold cushion grip for user comfort. Different nozzle applies for different size of rivets. Think to heavy duty gear box and high quality special motor, it makes every shot only one second as good as air tools. The revolutionary Heracles rivet gun is the first of Li-ion cordless in the world to guarantee the traction power with 10,000 N, At Heracles, ou can work more quickly, easily and efficiently by the MAX16 system.

OverviewStrengths & BenefitsApplication

Drilling and Screw-driving

Voltage 16V Li-Ion 16V Li-Ion
Stroke 17mm 17mm
Traction Power 10,000 N 10,000 N
Mandrel collector YES YES
Rivet capacity (diameter) 2.4-4.8mm 2.4-4.8mm
Speed per shot 1 sec (approx.) 1 sec (approx.)
Aluminum/Aluminum (3.2mm) 1000-1300 per battery 2000-2600 per battery
Steel/Steel  (4mm) 800-1000 per battery 1600-2000 per battery
Stainless/Stainless Steel (4.8mm) 400-700 per battery 800-1400 per battery
Battery Fuel gauge YES YES
Li-Ion battery capacity 1.5Ah 3.0Ah
Charging time 30 mins 60 mins
Weight with Li-Ion 1.41kg 1.61kg

  • Sets up to 5mm rivets in all materials Includes 4 nosepieces for 3/32-3/16″(2.4 – 4.8mm) rivets
  • High performance special strong motor with metal gearbox for long service life  and the highest output
  • Build-in digital discharging protection to enhance the ability of the tools
  • Impressive ergonomics: Compact, lightweight and perfectly balanced
  • Latest Lithium-ion battery technology for the longest sustained usage
  • Highest fiexibility and economic efficiency : optional MAX16 1.5Ah Li-ion battery or 3.0Ah MAX16+ Li-ion battery packs can be used. 

Automotive both the OEM vehicle manufacturers and their tiers suppliers.applications as diverse as engine sealing and front end, air bags and seat mechanisms and complete the offering with comprehensive assembly solutions from special hand tools to fully unmanned automation.
Drilling diameter, wood/steel Many of the world’s leading truck and trailer manufactures. And many body builders producing vehicles for a variety of different purposes. Major distributors and specialist concessionaires supplying the industry.
Torque adjustment For the construction industry.For roofing and cladding applications to high performance lock-bolts used in structures from bridges to solar energy installations.
Max. torque, wood/steel appliance manufacturers in pre-coated thin sheet materials.
Chuck widely applied in a variety of electronics applications from PCBs to cabinets.
Gear Box switchgear and air-conditioning, garage doors and security fittings.

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