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Model / Item MW2000E
Input power voltage (V) AC 240V ± 15% (Single phase), 50/60Hz
Rated input current (A) 32
Rated power capacity (KVA) 7.4
Recommended fuse capacity (A) 50
Current adjustment range (A) (MMA welding) 10~160
Current adjustment range (A) (Gas shielded arc welding) 20~160
Voltage adjustment range (V) (Gas shielded arc welding) 15~24
No-load voltage (V) 67
Feeding speed adjustment range (m/min) 1.5~16
Welding wire diameter (mm) 0.6/0.8/0.9
Duty cycle (30°C) 60%
Efficiency (%) 85
Power factor 0.72
Protection class IP21S
Insulation class F
Carton dimension (mm) 580 x 360 x 480

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