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Mostar 500Amp American Type, Electrode Holder


Mostar 500Amp American Type, Electrode Holder

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SKU: MST-500Amp


200amp/ 300amp / 500amp
Electrode Holder (American Type)

American Type Electrode Welding Holder
300amp & 500amp American type electrode holder with high quality
1. External touch body with comfortable handle, good insulation property, high impact strength and heat-resistant strength.
2. Internal electric conductor is adopted the plated copper with nice electrical conductivity, low resistance or less heat.
3. Adopt top-grade spring steel with high elastic strength to ensure the welding rod in stable gripping and hard to fall off.
4. The insulated spring sheath guarantees the outstanding insulation.
5. Utilize the updated design concept combining with the operating characteristic of welding clamp in accordance with user' s operation information to make its structure more reasonable and appearance more original. Different types are available.

Description Co2 Flowmeter Argon Flowmeter
Electrode Holder (MST-200Amp) 200 3.2mm
Electrode Holder (MST-300Amp) 300 4.0mm
Electrode Holder (MST-500Amp) 500 6.0mm

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