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Specifications Model / Item AW2100E Input power voltage (V) AC240V±15% Rated input capacity (KVA) 6.6 KVA Rated input current (A) 30 A Rated output voltage (V) 28 V Output current range (A) 20 – 200 A Arc force current range (A) 0 – 100 A Duty cycle imax (40°C)

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Specifications Model / Item MW2500E Input Power Voltage AC415V±15%, 50/60 Hz Rated Input Capacity 7.8 KVA Rated Output Voltage 26.5 V Output Current Range MMA 50 – 250 A / MIG 50 – 250 A Peak Output Current MMA 265 A / MIG 265 A Continous Output Current MMA 250 A / MIG 250 A

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  • IGBT inverter - Stable welding current
  • 100% welding duty cycle - Upto 488amp
  • ARC Force Knob - Adjustable 50 to 630 Amp
  • Guoging function able - Specialice for guoging welding

Standard Included:
  • ZX7-630 x1
  • 600Amp Electrode Holder x1
  Parameters Input Power Voltage

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Specifications Model / Item ARC400 Input Power Voltage AC415V±15%, 50/60 Hz Rated Input Capacity 18.8 KVA Rated Output Voltage 36 V Output Current Range 20 – 400 A Peak Output Current 440 A Continous Output Current 400 A Duty Cycle Imax (40°C) 60%

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Color available : Black.
Size available : (UK) #5 – #11

Product Features

  • Steel Toe withstand an inpact of 200 joules.
  • with Penetration Resistance.
  • Full Grain Leather Upper with embossed genuine cow leather Inserts.
  • Zipped-up 6″ high boot.
  • Double lock stitched down Constructi

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Fire Blankets can quickly smother flames to minimize burn injuries or prevent a fire from spreading.
Make in special high strenght flame resistant fabric that can resistance 500c temperature.
Materials in 1350g/m2 fabric, thickness arround 0.48 ~ 1.2mm
Texturized Fiberglass

  • MODEL :

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The Welding Hat provides protection to the head, forehead, ears, the side of the face and the neck.

Designed to be worn beneath a headshield.

It’s made by durable, flame retardant material in double layer.

We have two type of welding hat :
  • FRC Hat
  • Cotton Hat

Product Features
  • Polycarbonate lens material
  • Anti-scratch lens
  • Impact resistant
  • Superior coverage
  • 12Pair / Box, 25Box / Ctn